Questa lettera è stata inviata a mezzo mail in data 7 maggio 2020, al fine di informare la cittadinanza e l’avvocatura francese delle circostanze, assolutamente scandalose, che hanno consentito all’Avv. Salvatore Sica, in data 24 aprile 2020, di partecipare ad un vertice internazionale dell’avvocatura, quale componente del Consiglio Nazionale Forense, nonostante sia sospeso dal suo incarico, assunto illegalmente, a seguito di ordinanza emessa dal Tribunale di Roma in data 13 marzo 2020.

Dear members of “Gazette du Palais”,

I’m an italian lawyer. I write the following communication to inform you that the lawyer Salvatore Sica, who according to your timely report would have participated, as a member of the National Forensic Council, in the meeting of the CCBE held on 24 April last, called “G7 lawyer”, is actually currently suspended from office.I believed it was correct to inform your newspaper, also because in Italy, among honest and free lawyers, Sica’s participation in an international lawyers’ meeting, despite a judicial order of March 13th suspended him from his mandate, obtained illegally, aroused dismay, anger and indignation. Attorney Sica is part of that vast group of National Councilors suspended, by reason of the assumption of a mandate within the National Council, greater than the two granted by professional forensic law.I would be pleased that your official can inform French lawyers and citizens of this umpteenth shame given us by the dominant underworld within the Italian lawyers.
Not all Italian lawyers are dishonest and corrupt, although dishonesty and corruption are widespread in Italian forensic institutions. Thanking you for any feedback, I send you my best regards.
Naples, May 7, 2020
Salvatore Lucignano