La presente comunicazione è stata inviata alla Presidenza del CNB, all’attenzione della Signora Avvocato Christiane Féral-Schuhl, in data 10 maggio 2020.

To the President of the National Council of French Lawyers, Ms. Lawyer Christiane Féral-Schuhl

Madam President, gentle colleague, I am an Italian lawyer and I am part of the group of few lawyers who are fighting against the widespread illegality within the forensic institutions of our country.

From your website and youtube channel, I learned that on 24 April, as part of a conference called among the forensic representatives of the so-called “G 7” countries, you interacted with Salvatore Sica, who spoke as a member of the National Forensic Council.

I am absolutely convinced that the National Forensic Council did not inform you of the measure issued by the Court of Rome on 13 March, with which nine elements of that assembly were suspended from their role as National Councilors, including Salvatore Sica himself.

Although it was impossible for me to trace the date of the videoconference, also due to the chronic absence of information that characterizes the activity of the CNF, when it comes to covering illegal actions, Sica’s reference to the 250 thousand euros donated by the CNF for the COVID affair, allows me to date this meeting to a date after March 20, the day on which the measure was taken, with an extraordinary session, made public by a meager CNF press release of March 21.

The presence of a lawyer suspended from his office, presented to the whole world as a member of the CNF, is of course a shame for all honest Italian lawyers.

With this I therefore intend to inform you that Salvatore Sica, as of March 13, is suspended from his position as member of the National Forensic Council, and cannot go around the world, presenting himself in this capacity.

The struggle we are pursuing, so that legality returns within Italian institutions, needs the help of all international forensic institutions. I am sure that the French lawyers, who have always been at the forefront of the defense of justice and democracy, will no longer want to accept the participation in the initiatives promoted by your country’s lawyer of subjects with no credibility.

I hope that you will want to ask the CNF for explanations as to why in the important videoconference you have directed and promoted by the CNB, the Italian institution has allowed Salvatore Sica to participate, despite this being a very serious ethical offense, as well as a very serious violation of the ordinance of suspension on March 13th.

I am sure that your understanding and support for our requests for legality will not fail. I am sure that the CNB, which you are authoritatively leading in many battles, which are having wide echo in Italy and which make us proud of the fighting skills of our French colleagues, will want to distance itself from the lack of respect shown by the CNF to colleagues intervened to represent the G7 countries.

Sure of your kind attention, I greet you with the utmost cordiality.

Naples, 10 May 2020

Salvatore Lucignano